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2017' Opel Astra

2017' Opel Astra photo #1
2017' Opel Astra photo #2
2017' Opel Astra photo #3
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Condition: Good
Previous owners: 1
Age: 7 years
Mileage: 110000 km
Displacement: 1400 cc
Fuel: Petrol
Transmission: Automatic

Warranty up to 3 years for main components and assemblies.
✅Large selection of cars with and without mileage.
✅Designment in 1 hour! Lowest Prices!
✅ Bargaining is possible, exchanging an old car for a new one at a competitive price
✅ 100% financing without down payment, also for clients with bank problems receiving benefits
✅ We accept checks (up to 100 checks), make orat-keva.
✅ Special discounts for new repatriates!
👉 Contact tel. 0522729045 ☎️

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