Volkswagen Launches New Entry-Level 217-Mile Range ID.3 City

1 year, 3 months ago - 16 April 2021, InsidEevs
Volkswagen Launches New Entry-Level 217-Mile Range ID.3 City
Buyers will enjoy the least expensive ID.3 to date, which has a 45 kWh battery pack.

We're starting to see a trend related to automakers offering cheaper versions of their popular EVs. The latest car to follow suit is the Volkswagen ID.3.

We'll start by mentioning yet again, we really hope Volkswagen will eventually consider bringing its ID.3 electric hatch to our shores. However, for now, it's only available overseas.

With more reports surfacing that point out that electric car adoption is mostly slowed by the cars' high prices rather than range anxiety, it makes sense that VW, among other companies, would offer cheaper versions of its EVs.

We've seen this somewhat recently with the Porche Taycan, Tesla has done it many times in the past, and it seems the concept is going to eventually catch on across the industry. Once some EV makers offer cheaper versions of their cars, rivals will have to follow suit or potentially lose sales to the competition.

According to Autocar, the Volkswagen ID.3 is now available in an entry-level "City" trim with a starting price of £30,870 (£28,370 after the £2500 government discount). This equates to about $39,000.

The new ID.3 City will feature a 45 kWh battery pack on 217 miles of estimated range. Current standard versions of the ID.3 have a 58 kWh battery pack. A 77 kWh pack is optional.

Pricing for the ID.3 prior to the addition of the new City trim started at £32,470.00. The top of the line Tour trim carries a starting MSRP of £42,600.00.

Autocar also notes that the new "Style" trim starts at £32,470 when factoring in the government grant. It has a range of 215 miles. ID brand manager at VW UK Joe Laurence shared:

The City and Style are an important milestone in the ID 3's life cycle, as they usher in the Pure Performance powertrain. Offering the best of both worlds with value and performance built in, these two important new trim levels further significantly broaden the ID 3's appeal.

"The fact that the ID 3 City brings the entry price of ID 3 ownership into an even lower band is good news for everybody."

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