Honda Celebrates 50 Years Of Motocross Success With The 2023 CRF450R

2 months, 1 week ago - 1 June 2022, RideApart
Honda Celebrates 50 Years Of Motocross Success With The 2023 CRF450R
The CRF450R 50th Anniversary boasts enhancements to the engine and throwback graphics.

Honda is debuting a new four-stroke engine for the 2023 motocross season, which also features on the production model, the CRF450R. The general public can now get more torque, additional electronics, and an anniversary model to boot. When compared to the CRF450L series, the top-of-the-line motocross bikes offer superior performance, but at the cost of street legality. That said, the CRF450R is for the diehard motocross and enduro rider. Let’s take a look at the specs.

Honda claims to have improved engine efficiency to favor more torque at low speeds. The single-cylinder engine produces almost 11 percent greater torque at low speeds of roughly 5,000 rpm, which translates to a substantial 5 Nm (3.7 ft-lbs) more torque at far below half the rev range. This means that riders enjoy improved throttle response and torque down low, which eliminates the need to downshift hard when cornering. However, there is a minor reduction in peak power as a result of this. All of these upgrades canbe found in the new CRF450R, which will be available in a special 50th Anniversary version in 2023.

The limited edition model is meant to pay homage to Honda’s monumental success in the world of motocross. With the CR250M Elsinore, Honda began a string of motocross victories that is practically unrivaled today. The CR was Honda's first competition-ready production motorcycle, and the 50th Anniversary version of the current CRF450R is its spiritual successor. A blue seat cover, white front and side number plates, fresh graphics for the radiator shrouds, and gold rims and handlebars are among the key highlights. The accents of the gray painted triple clamps and the Honda wing logo on the fender complete the bike's retro look.

The 50th Anniversary is a limited-edition model, although Honda has not revealed the exact number of units that will be produced. The regular CRF450R will set you back $9,599, while the 50th Anniversary will set you back $300 extra. Honda will continue to sell the RWE model for $12,399. The Honda CRF450RWE includes a modified engine, a redesigned chassis, and a variety of professional accessories.

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